ionlydatewomenofcolour said: This is the best blog in the world! How on earth did you think to combine these two beautiful things? c: It's genius. I loved reading though the posts. They made me laugh so much. That part with Ja'mie's little African kids! So funny. Seriously, I love you. I can't wait for you to do some more. c:

thank you so much! : D! ever since i became a vegetarian a few years ago i’ve been in love with cooking and especially baking. and of course i adore chris and everything he creates. i told my fiance one day that i was gonna throw a “summer heights high” themed party and he suggested i make character themed cupcakes. i came up with so many good ideas for cupcakes that i wanted to make them all and have some place to share them with all the other awesome chris lilley lovers. i’m glad you enjoy it! Thanks so much for the love < 3!

The Daniel and Nathan Sims

Daniel: Legendary Inside out Lamington Cupcake topped with Vanilla Buttercream and Pulsar Blue white Chocolate accompanied by a Chocolate Danthan Industries sign

Nathan: Legendary Inside out Lamington Cupcake topped with Milo Buttercream and a Milk Chocolate Beanie accompanied by a White Chocolate Middle Finger and Short Bread Sneaky Nuts

Based on Daniel and Nathan Sims from “We Can Be Heroes” and “Angry Boys”

Making cupcakes is faggy. But if you’re gonna make them, you should make these.

Being the best looking bloke in town, running a rural farm in Australia, donating his ear drum to his brother, driving the coolest Pulsar, and being heaps good at rapping it’s hard to believe Daniel didn’t win Australian Of The Year when he was nominated. So I reckon it made sense to use a popular Australian cake tweaked a bit for the Sims twins’ cupcakes. (Australians please don’t be mad!) Made from the same batter but topped with different ingredients, you’ll notice half the cupcakes are a bit more cheeky, sneaky, always doing weird shit, and 3% spastic. These cupcakes are the perfect dessert to serve at a legendary farewell party or eat while doing mainies.

Recipe Under the cut ya fags

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Just wanted to give a massive congrats and love to Chris on the US premiere of “Angry Boys” on HBO! I hope everyone here in the states watched! Can’t wait for next sunday!

I’m working on some “Angry Boys” character cupcakes, so hopefully I’ll able to share those with you guys soon. 

Also, Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a great holiday! : )

beyond-the-pink-sky said: You have the most cutest blog ! :D I love it ! <3

Aww! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like! Thanks for the love <3! 

moto-moto said: Brilliant idea for a tumblr, I love it! Are you planning more characters? Because I thought maybe you could make a Swiss Roll or something like that to represent Pat Mullins? :)

Thank you :D! I do plan on doing lots more characters. I try to plan them out in advance so it’s never too long between posts. As for the Pat cake, when I was rolling ideas around in my head I kept thinking “she HAS to be a rolled cake. it’s too perfect”. I’m glad someone else though that too. I look forward to making it!

chrislilleyfans said: OMG how could I not have seen this blog before? Cupcakes and Chris! My two loves! I am OBSESSED with cupcakes. Thanks for the shout out to our Tumblr too! You're a gem! Can't wait to see a Phil one! All the best doll! - Violet. X

Thanks so much! I appreciate the reblog and shout out!  i’m glad other people seem to be responding well and don’t think it’s a strange idea. lol. and you guys have to best most up to date chris site and tumblr out there. so thanks for that!!!

The Ja’mie King

Purple Velvet Cupcake with Tart Raspberry Filling and Topped with Pink Sparkly Buttercream wsg/ Mini Chocolate Cupcake Sponsor Children

Based on Ja’mie King from We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High

Anyone can have a red velvet cupcake. But Ja’mie isn’t anyone.  This purple velvet cupcake is soooo hot and the perfect snack after you’ve finished your 40 hour famine, while watching an OC marathon, or reading letters from all your sponsor children. Like Ja’mie the cake is sweet, rich, and pretty on the outside, but kind of tart on the in. Just don’t eat too many or you’ll get fat. I seriously hate all fat people. No offense but it’s true. Not for povo public school bogans or fugly bitches.

Recipe under the cut. Cuts are so random.

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The Extreme Darren

Vanilla Cupcake filled with Spicy Chocolate and topped with Flambéed Meringue

Based on Extreme Darren from Big Bite

Vanilla cupcakes aren’t that extreme. But what I like to do is make them extreme by stuffing them with spicy filling and lighting them on fire. Rad!

Recipe Under The Cut

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Yes Yes, Bloody Hell Yes!

I woke up this morning to an email saying Chris Lilley has started following me! I can’t help but be like


so very excited! thank you chris! and anyone else who has followed me : D

also, i’m working out all the kinks in my extreme darren recipe. i’m looking forward a whole lot to making that cupcake. so that should be up soon. 

The Jonah Takalua

Polynesian Cake with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting and a chocolate dicktation tag

Based on Jonah Takalua from “Summer Heights High”

Recipe Under the Cut

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